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   LOCUS       NC_010308                396 bp    RNA     circular VRL 27-JAN-2009
   DEFINITION  Persimmon viroid, complete genome.
   ACCESSION   NC_010308
   VERSION     NC_010308.1  GI:166851945
   DBLINK      Project:28683
   KEYWORDS    .
   SOURCE      Persimmon viroid
     ORGANISM  Persimmon viroid
               Viroids; unclassified viroids.
     AUTHORS   Nakaune,R. and Nakano,M.
     TITLE     Identification of a new Apscaviroid from Japanese persimmon
     JOURNAL   Arch. Virol. 153 (5), 969-972 (2008)
      PUBMED   18365126
   REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 396)
     CONSRTM   NCBI Genome Project
     TITLE     Direct Submission
     JOURNAL   Submitted (05-FEB-2008) National Center for Biotechnology
               Information, NIH, Bethesda, MD 20894, USA
   REFERENCE   3  (bases 1 to 396)
     AUTHORS   Nakaune,R.
     TITLE     Direct Submission
     JOURNAL   Submitted (30-OCT-2007) Contact:Ryoji Nakaune National Institute of
               Fruit Tree Science; Akitsu 301-2, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima
               739-2494, Japan
   COMMENT     PROVISIONAL REFSEQ: This record has not yet been subject to final
               NCBI review. The reference sequence was derived from AB366022.
               COMPLETENESS: full length.
   FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
        source          1..396
                        /organism="Persimmon viroid"
                        /mol_type="genomic RNA"
                        /strain="persimmon isolate"
                        /host="Diospyros kaki L."
                        /country="Japan: Hiroshima"
                        /note="type strain of Persimmon viroid"
        misc_feature    89..104
                        /note="Apscaviroid central conserved region"
        misc_feature    293..309
                        /note="Apscaviroid central conserved region"
           1 cggactaaaa catgtggttc ctgtggtgac acctctcgat cccttacctg caaaagaaaa
          61 ggaaaaagag gcgcgaagga cgaaagactc gtcgtcgacg aagggttctt tcgttcgcaa
         121 ggctccctgc cgagctcggg gctggagctt gggactgctc atagagagca ggtcgccagc
         181 ctggggttga aaagacctcc gggtctttct tccttccagc agtgcttcct tgccactcgg
         241 agaacccacc gctctccccc gccgctctgg taaggcccct gcagcgaaga tcccgctagt
         301 cgagcggact tgtcgatcaa ccaacgcgct tttcttttat tccctcttgc gcggcggggc
         361 gagagtgttt tgcctaagga ccgctgtttg ggtcct