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АККОРД - (метафора): музыкальная триада, созвучие=консонанс, состоящая не менее чем из трех звуков \адаптированных=коволюц.\, которые расположены или м.б. расположены по терциям.

Probabilistic periodic table of chords. Auditory mastering of complex intervallic structures based on simple harmonic functions (in Russian)

Брайнин В.Б.

The article describes an approach to the classification of chords in order to develop auditory probabilistic prediction of harmony. The proposed approach is intended for teaching children, starting from primary school age, but also students of various levels of training. Keywords: harmony, solfeggio, auditory prediction, classification of chords

См. Коэволюция, Когерентность, Консонанс